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Meet Etiquette - For All Meets


There are a few rules of etiquette, which should be followed at meets.

  1. If your child must miss a meet or becomes ill on the night before or the day of a meet, let the Head Coach and Computer Operator know as soon possible.
  2. During any meet, everyone (parents, swimmers, officials) must be silent after the Referee blows the whistle. During this silence, the Starter gives the command "Take Your Mark" and the starter is sounded to begin the race. Swimmers must be able to hear the starter.
  3. Only swimmers for a particular event are allowed in the water. No others are allowed, even at the shallow end or baby pool areas, during a meet. An entire team could be disqualified for this violation.
  4. If you wish to leave a meet before it is over, PARENTS must first check with the Head Coach before leaving to make sure your swimmer has completed all of his/her events and is not included in a relay. It is not fair to the swimmers who stay to have their relay team disqualified because of lack of swimmers.
  5. Swimmers stay in the water until all swimmers of that heat have finished swimming. Swimmers then shake hands with their opponents before exiting the pool.
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